Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings

Rubies represent passion and romance, making them perfect for engagement rings. Gatsby Jewellery offer a vast array of ruby engagement rings styles from a variety of eras, so you’re sure to find the perfect antique or vintage ruby engagement ring for your loved one here.

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Ruby engagement rings are a popular choice for couples who want something elegant and timeless. The designs of ruby engagement rings have changed plenty over the years, from the intricacies and ornate designs of Victorian jewellery to the extravagance and vibrance of ruby rings from Art Deco jewellery.

Regardless of the design you choose, vintage ruby engagement rings will always be classic and beautiful. 

What does a ruby engagement ring symbolise?

Rubies famously symbolise love, passion and romance, which certainly helps their popularity for use in engagement rings. Rubies are also the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries, leading to an association with long-lasting love and loyalty.

Where do rubies come from?

Rubies are mined in multiple countries, including Afghanistan, India, Cambodia, Australia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Thailand, the USA and Vietnam. Rubies mined in Myanmar (Burma) are considered to be the finest.

Are rubies good for engagement rings?

Rubies are definitely a great gemstone for engagement rings. Thanks to their long association with love, they are a very appropriate choice for an occasion as romantic as an engagement. They are also incredibly durable.

Are ruby engagement rings expensive?

Like many other gemstones, the price of rubies varies depending on a range of factors, such as size, weight, quality, age and cut. 

How long do rubies last?

Depending on how well a ruby is cared for, rubies can last for hundreds – even thousands – of years. The oldest rubies in the world are estimated to be an incredible 3 billion years old. 

Are ruby engagement rings popular?

Ruby engagement rings have enjoyed long-standing popularity, thanks to the rich symbolism behind the gemstone and its famous association with love and romance.